Clip handbag

Clip handbag

This is a prototype ​​by Peter Bristol that imitates, in a larger scale, the famous clip used to collect and block the sheets. This is the perfect handbag for someone very proud of her work. o)

The handles are made of aluminum, so the handbag should be very light. Being a prototype it cann’t be found on the market, but if you want to participate to its production, please email me and I will put you in touch with Peter.

Dio Padre Misericordioso, progettata da Richard Meier, nel quartiere Tor Tre Teste

Are churches built in the last 50 years ugly?

Are modern churches ugly?
For the Vicariate and cardinals as Gianfranco Ravasi, Minister of Culture of the Holy See, the churches built during the last twenty years in the suburbs of Rome are “conference rooms, similar to sports halls, brutalized and vulgar spaces …”.
The last famous person to jump on the bandwagon of criticism was the Director of the Vatican Museums and Superintendent of the artistic heritage of the Holy See, who, during the presentation of the book “Churches in the Roman suburbs”, published by Electa, said, “Churches? Parishes? At the most we can talk about exhibition spaces, environments that do not call for prayer or meditation” and continued with” Nothing to do with the baroque churches that for centuries have been speaking of Christian faith with visible tabernacles, domes, icons, images of life of the Church that help pastors in their catechesis. Even the Orthodox churches of Russia perform to the tasks of formation and catechesis ”

It’s nice to discover that the Vatican has noticed the new sacred buildings, rather than representing the divine, appear to represent a new deity “Saint Apartment block Administrator.”

New churchs most resembls the buildings of the suburbs than divine and sacred places.



Everyone knows Ikea, but not everyone knows Ikeahackers.

By simplifying we can say that Ikeahackers is the place for those who want hack the furniture of the great Swedish manufacturer.

In short it works like this: you buy furniture your at Ikea, then you throw away the instructions sheets for installation and, finally unleash your imagination.

Different funny and intelligent furtiture is born like this. It is a way to subvert the system with elegance and creativity: the Ikea office furniture can be turned into bar tables or their chairs can become glass coffee tables, etc. All this comes with explanations and photos so that everyone can replicate the brilliant (sometimes ridiculous) solution.

Ideas to decorate your home: a chair by Eduardo Garcia Campos

Ideas to decorate your home: a chair by Eduardo Garcia Campos

Eduardo Garcia Campos is Mexican and pilots for an airline.

One day he decided to make a chair and to attend an international design competition wirh it. As the extraordinary person he is, he won first prize thanks to his fantastic creation.

Directly from the Art Nouveau of the last century, here is his reinterpretation of the Monarch butterfly: light just as the same butterfly but very durable, the chair by Campos has been made ​​with a single piece of aluminum.

It took him 3 years to build this magnificent chair, and many flights of fancy.

Aykut Erol

On(a)line Furniture

To desing is also to experiment, to have fun with ideas and you have to look at the poposals of Aykut Erol for Line Furniture System with this aim in mind.

Aykut creates the profile of almost all the necessary furniture for a living room with a single metal line: from a lamp to a cabinet, from some shelves to cupboards, is a system that can regenerate itself indefinitely and can continue throughout the whole house. Of course, it isn’t functional, but I love this job for the simple fact that it reminds me La Linea, a cartoon character created by Osvaldo Cavandoli.

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – That’s all folk’s

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – That’s all folk’s

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan is finished, leaving me a bit ‘longing for the huge circus that wound through the city.

The most beautiful memory is undoubtedly the moment when I gave a Venetian boule à neige to Toyo Ito immediately after interviewing him.



Toyo Ito intervistato da Daniele Devoti

Wandering through the area in Milan, literally filled by designers, companies, creatives, curious, and students was beautiful, but I still have etched in my retina the figure of the little 71 year old Korean spinning my glass ball, with fake snow and the rialto bridge, amused.

Life is beautiful.

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Eatable furniture

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Eatable furniture

Saturday and Sunday the Fuorisalone is always plenty of people and to infiltrate is really undertaking given the high competition.
Despite my obvious logistical difficulties in moving during my visit to the Italian Pavilion in via Oslavia, it was the most enjoyable and fun visit I made yesterday.


There were young designers with very interesting proposals.

useDesign with their project necessary becomes unnecessary and useless becomes useful. They have created a series of objects made with bread crumbs mixed with a natural resin “The mixture of flour and salt on one side and dry bread crumbs on the other, properly mixed with natural resins turn these simple ingredients into an easily malleable dough with a strong structural strength and refined textures.”


Leonardo Talarico with his chair completely made of Tofu goes almost unnoticed inside the pavilion, we need to pause and read the legend to understand that it was built with small pieces of dried tofu and stained with natural products.


Lanzavecchia+Wai ssociates crisis with the food, and in fact you can eat their furniture, but you don’t have to thrown away the non eatable part because it takes on new functions.

I found very impressive their table with a caramel top with a support of iron; the support becomes a candle-holder once you ate the caramel.
. “Piece by piece the body of the object is eroded, exposing a soul that will remain over time. Their aim is to encourage a return to the most basic necessities: a true reflection on the essence of the things that will lead us into the future .”


CTRLZAK Art & Design Studio offer highly symbolic containers for food consumption, as they are made of the material that makes up the host as a basis for the creation of mystical designed dishes and bowls.


Cucurbita propose the reuse of the pumpkin from Mantua, giving it new life by creating durable and beautiful furniture using that widespread and economic vegetable “a natural product, made by the ‘ mixture of starches, sugars and pumpkin pulp joined thanks to chains of starches that enter between the fibers of pumpkin and the porosity of the wood, thus avoiding the use of adhesives.”


Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via della Spiga and Monte Napoleone

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via della Spiga and Monte Napoleone

I consumed the soles between Via Tortona and Lambrate Ventura looking for something new and curious, this part of the city is new to these events and it was interesting to note how old tumbledown buildings have been occupied with installations and exhibitions for Fuorisalone.

Curiosity prompted me to see how the quadrilateral of luxury Milan, in particular via della Spiga and Via Monte Napoleone, got themselves involved into the mechanisms of Fuorisalone.

There you can find exclusive showrooms and shops. That is the area where the bourgeoisie like walking and shopping and the first thing you notice is that nothing has changed from the normal routine of the place. There are some timid attempts to involve the Fuorisalone in this area, but they are very little compared to the revolution occurred in other places.

Via della Spiga is always a delightful place for a walk, at the end of it there are two electric cars and along the way there are some small posters indicating the presence of an exposure in the store next to the poster. The whole area is covered by wi fi connection and it is pleasant to be able to enter these prestigious stores that host fragments of Fuorisaloni.

Tiffany & Co stands out with the work of Elsa Peretti with her molecular shaped glass objects from the Bone Collection and the Padua Collection too. A joy to touch, they are all sensual and organic forms that enchant the senses of all of us.

Majestic setting up of Gessi in Via Monte Napoleone, the apotheosis of wealth and luxury.
This company is the top of the wellness world and knows how to present and, especially, how to involve people in this world. A must see.

Funny their carpets with embedded stones for foot massage.

+Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via Ventura

+Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via Ventura

The Milanese Fuorisalone includes a galaxy of events, exhibitions and promotional activities ranging in all directions and it is interesting to visit them as an unofficial reporter Sky art HD .Sky arte HD.

Via Tortonais definitely the most popular and famous event linked to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, though my favorite is certainly Via Ventura: much more lively, less rigid in setting out ideas and, especially, not entirely covered by sponsors.

thanks Starck

There Fuorisalone occupies unusual spaces such as a garage, or the typical abandoned buildings quickly whitewashed and much sought by creatives/designers. At Ventura Lambrate there isn’t the compact crowd that is located in Via Tortona due to the size of road, the spaces are wide and the atmosphere, relaxing.

I get into a tyre shop, an unusual space for a design exhibition, inside it you can find Curtimetallo & Youtool that presents interesting, ironic and iconic metal objects. Going on there is a graffiti signed Cape, that surprises for the way in which synthesizes a thinking done by many: “Thanks Starck”. That grafffiti represents the famous juicer with a roll of toilet paper leaning over it, a concept known to all those who have tried to use that famous object to prepare a juice (mission impossible ).

A brand and a signature are in some way harmfu for designl, it is used to identify an author and then certify its quality and originality, but it turned out as one way to justify the cost of that item. As Duchamp had predicted at the beginning of 900 signature of the author / designer will be enough to give birth to a work of art / object, the difference is that today the producers have been able to charge a lot to us consumers.

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Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via Tortona

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Fuorisalone at via Tortona

As one of the Sky Arte HD infiltrator, I walked through Via Tortona Yesterday and it was really interesting to notice how things change in Milan.

A simple space where artisans and small producers present their work becomes the Arts and Craft space, throughout the rest of Italy it would be called just a craft market.

P.S. For the ones who don’t know it, Arts and Crafts was an artistic movement of the second half of the 800 which proposed handicraft work as an expression of man in opposition to the rising industrial production.

Times change, but the problems don’t.