Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Meeting Toyo Ito

As an SkyArte unofficial reporter #imbucatoSkyArte (Sky arte HD) I managed to ask a few questions to Toyo Ito. For those who do not know Ito, he is a world-renowned architect, he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012 and was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize (the Nobel Prize for architecture in 2013).

Toyo Ito is the rock star of architecture and design.

Thanks to being at the same wonderful event Lexus I could join the Master and, with the help of a talented interpreter, exchange a few words and make a couple of questions.

Toyo Ito was really very willing and witty in response, he explained to me that in his installation for Lexus we cound’t see their car because in that way people ask themself some questions and feel some emotions. When young japanese people buy a car, he said, they don’t pay much attention to the shape, but they are attracted by the technological concept intead.

Then we entered the realm of the history of architecture, analyzing, in a quick bird’s eye view, the figure of the man in the architectural design of the last 100 years.
It is not common knowledge that during early ‘900 Le Corbusier revolutionized the design of buildings requiring human measures as a measure to build the city. According to Ito architectural philosophy of our day relativizes man and places him into a natural process, as an evident result also buildings and cities must be sustainable and a man is just one of the many natural elements that form our universe.

After thanking him for giving me so much time, I gave him a classic souvenir from Venice bought a few days ago in a stall.

Toyo Ito

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