A house that costs like a car

I‬n architecture,  prefabrication can reduce construction costs, but prevents customizations.
Among the latest solutions presented there is one by MIMA Architects.
MIMA’s concept is fundamentally inspired on the traditional Japanese house and consists in
a modular system to build comfortable houses, its external dimension are 6.00 x 6.00 m, while the interior is fully customizable.

The idea is to build a home that costs the same as a mid-range car but there are some questions with an answer. first of all we have no explanations on how the building is attached to the ground, it’s just resting? Over what?
How can a bathroom and a kitchen be made with this system of movable walls that hook from the ceiling up to the floor?
Where are the electrical outlets?
By the poor explanations that the architects provide, it seems to be just a pretty design box, much more like a shop window than a house.

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