Australia Pavilion – Venice Biennale

Venice is the city where I lived during many years and where I got my architecture degree.

I used to live very close to Giardini – Sant’Elena, the historical site of the Venice Biennale pavilions. They were abandoned in winter and you could (you still can) stroll around them and spend the night camping out.

The Australian pavilion, built in 1987 by Philip Cox, has always been a light and beautiful temporary structure, but now the Australian national competition has a winning project: the one by Denton Corker Marshall. It will replace the current one in 2015.
Externally it’s a black box and inside it’ s a totally empty white one. It will host the works from that distant country.

It’s a pity no longer living in Venice, I could spend the night inside ti, as I used to do during my university years.

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