Choosing a bookcase

The Hole In The Floor bookcase is a creative and unusual bookcase; its by Raw Edges Design Studio.

Equilibrium Bookcase : Creation of Malagana Design, it is called Equilibrium Bookcase; all modules are placed upon each other at an angled point.

Triangular Bookcase : Fitting’s Triangular bookcase comes with ‘linking system’ that enables you to place a few together to be fixed to your wall. The modular design enables an infinite variety of assembly solutions.

Unusual Bookshelf

Paperback Bookshelf : The Paperback wall system comes with thin shelves that store books horizontally.

Carlton Bookcase : Carlton Bookcase designed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s is a multicolored bookcase made of pattern laminate.

Floating Shelf : Bookshelf Salkim isn’t a typical bookshelf; instead of solid wood, thin steel wire was used to form pendants, which hold together group of books.

Arrow Bookcase : Designed by T Ben, the modular designed bookcase lets you arrange it as per your requirement.

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