Elica and blogs

It’s been a long time since I was asked to visit Elica‘s production.

For those not familiar with Elica, I will only say that these babies are theirs.

Clearly ehough  I haven’t done enough damage if they want to to repeat
the meeting with other bloggers this year # blogger4elica.
I still remember very well those one thousand pounds of fish that
Riccardo cooked right before our eyes and under their hood.

I confirm that throughout the kitchen there was no fishy smell.

You’ll find below a video of the crime.

Only for strong stomachs.

Illuminated Bathtubs by Antonio Lupi – OIO

Illuminated Bathtubs by Antonio Lupi – OIO

We can find clearly fun features, but not only, in the personal reinterpretation that Belgian designer Michel Boucquillon put into this line of baths and washbasins, signed Antonio Lupi.

Polyethylene (a material that is 100% recyclable, durable and light) allows the placement of these pieces both indoor and outdoor without any damage for the integrated lighting system.