Elica and blogs

It’s been a long time since I was asked to visit Elica‘s production.

For those not familiar with Elica, I will only say that these babies are theirs.

Clearly ehough  I haven’t done enough damage if they want to to repeat
the meeting with other bloggers this year # blogger4elica.
I still remember very well those one thousand pounds of fish that
Riccardo cooked right before our eyes and under their hood.

I confirm that throughout the kitchen there was no fishy smell.

You’ll find below a video of the crime.

Only for strong stomachs.

Elica, a breath oh fresh air in you kitchen

Elica, a breath oh fresh air in you kitchen

Elica produces extractor hoods for the kitchen. It produces its own brand and many others, probably you don’t know it, but you have a hood realized by Elica at home.

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit its most intimate part.

I entered the prototypes showroom, with unique pieces proudly presented by the Design Manager Fabrizio Crisis Center, confident of good work done.

Here are some of his works

I had never actually seen so many shapes, colors and features for an object such as a kitchen hood, and I never raised the issue.

But every rose has its thorns and Elica has also its dark sides, the most obvious is the world crisis that has contracted the turnover of many activities.The reaction of the company was to create shapes that recall those of the past, which are more comforting and reassuring to the average consumer, a classical reaction that reveals a lack of courage on how to tackle the difficult times we are living.