Herzog & de Meuron – Vitra Campus

Let’s fly high in the architecture sky, today.

This pictures by Iwan Baan illustrate the Vitra Campus project by Herzog & deMeuron.

A beautiful project aa it is clear just looking at the pictures, but it’s even more fascinating to discover what the Vitra Campus is, where not only Herzog & de Meuron have worked in, but also Frank GehryTadao AndoZaha Hadid and Alvaro Siza did.

A so high concentration of architecture that they deserve a trip.

The Vitra Campus is born from the ashes of the homonymous factory which in the early 80 burst into flames destroying nearly everything.

As usual, a great crisis is a great opportunity, but only for the more responsive minds. And so, Swiss CEO Rolf Fehlbaum tried to create a corporate identityworking on two fronts: content (industrial design production) and container (architectural spaces).

The result is almost a miracle, an alienating space at first, but highly inspiring.

Gehry vs Ando

Frank Gehry disegno

Tadao Ando Punta della Dogana Venezia

What do these two drawings by Ando, and Gehry, both of them famous “archistars”?

An architect publishes a sketch of a project only after having finished the full work.

It’s an extremely easy way to condense, synthesize and divulge a concept, or at least just that couple of ultimate ideas in the project.

Through his sketches, Frank Gehry,wants communicate mainly two things: chaos and wonder, while Tadao Ando, silence and order.

They are two opposite architects, jus like the poles of a battery, as you can see from the way each of them present graphically their ideas.

The sketch is the summary of what the project will become, When drawing Gehry comes very close to Gaudi and further back to the Baroque masters such as Borromini, where each implementation had to be personally followed up by the designer. Ando, instead, much more rational and ascetic, follows the tradition of Mies and other neoclassical architects, where order reigns.