Renovate your own house

When we renovate our houses, we focus a lot on the color of the walls, we use the spatula and diversify colors, we paint frames or dare vivid colors on the predominant wall.

The market offers a wide range of possibilities in this area and most of the painters are up to date given the convenience to use the latest innovations (they are more lucrative).

If an ordinary white paint costs from 5.00 to 8.00 euro / sqm, switching to microspatula metal colors, for example. will reach a cost between 25.00 and 45.00 euros / sqm.

What we never take into consideration is the chance to incline our walls.
Most of us take for granted that the walls should be vertical and perpendicular to one another. It’s a consolidated standard system that optimizes costs and gives no problems.
But if have the time, imagination and patience to ask ourselves the reason why we acquire certain habits, we find that the answer is often hardly convincing or even missing.

Why does a wall must necessarily be vertical?

If we are willing to spend so much on painting we can also consider to incline or rotate our wall.
It can be simply done by using plasterboard panels, thus we would obtain particular surprise effects or even disorientation which is not always negative.
It’s true that if we design our interior with the “why” we will meet many problems, we should fight against the workers who are but the mules used to do the same things in every home, we’d go against our partners or consorts because they could not believe on the idea.

We shall have everyone against it and a risk of a large error is always around the corner, but we won’t despair. A good design that can go into the details will be your best weapon.

For every choice that you will make just ask yourself “why”, if you get a convincing answer, you’re on your way.

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