Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

I tappeti per la casa in Italia sono leggermente in disuso, se ne vendono sempre pochi e quei pochi sono quasi sempre patetiche imitazioni o rielaborazioni degli antichi tappeti persiani.

Quando un settore dell’arredo per la casa entra in crisi succede sempre qualcosa di particolare, come in questo caso, i designer e i produttori reagiscono con una creatività estrema e, a volte, innovativa.

Alexandra Kehayoglou è un artista argentino che usa avanzi della azienda di famiglia, una fabbrica di tappeti a Buenos Aires, per costruire le sue creazioni in lana.

Il suo uso di materiali imita texture naturali di muschio naturale, acqua, alberi e ghiaccio, fornendo le funzioni di un tappeto tradizionale con uno strato di talento artistico tramite scenario memoria evocando, spesso creazioni che avvolgono verticalmente per diventare tappezzerie.

Clip handbag

Clip handbag

This is a prototype ​​by Peter Bristol that imitates, in a larger scale, the famous clip used to collect and block the sheets. This is the perfect handbag for someone very proud of her work. o)

The handles are made of aluminum, so the handbag should be very light. Being a prototype it cann’t be found on the market, but if you want to participate to its production, please email me and I will put you in touch with Peter.

Dio Padre Misericordioso, progettata da Richard Meier, nel quartiere Tor Tre Teste

Are churches built in the last 50 years ugly?

Are modern churches ugly?
For the Vicariate and cardinals as Gianfranco Ravasi, Minister of Culture of the Holy See, the churches built during the last twenty years in the suburbs of Rome are “conference rooms, similar to sports halls, brutalized and vulgar spaces …”.
The last famous person to jump on the bandwagon of criticism was the Director of the Vatican Museums and Superintendent of the artistic heritage of the Holy See, who, during the presentation of the book “Churches in the Roman suburbs”, published by Electa, said, “Churches? Parishes? At the most we can talk about exhibition spaces, environments that do not call for prayer or meditation” and continued with” Nothing to do with the baroque churches that for centuries have been speaking of Christian faith with visible tabernacles, domes, icons, images of life of the Church that help pastors in their catechesis. Even the Orthodox churches of Russia perform to the tasks of formation and catechesis ”

It’s nice to discover that the Vatican has noticed the new sacred buildings, rather than representing the divine, appear to represent a new deity “Saint Apartment block Administrator.”

New churchs most resembls the buildings of the suburbs than divine and sacred places.

Ideas to decorate your home: a chair by Eduardo Garcia Campos

Ideas to decorate your home: a chair by Eduardo Garcia Campos

Eduardo Garcia Campos is Mexican and pilots for an airline.

One day he decided to make a chair and to attend an international design competition wirh it. As the extraordinary person he is, he won first prize thanks to his fantastic creation.

Directly from the Art Nouveau of the last century, here is his reinterpretation of the Monarch butterfly: light just as the same butterfly but very durable, the chair by Campos has been made ​​with a single piece of aluminum.

It took him 3 years to build this magnificent chair, and many flights of fancy.

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Meeting Toyo Ito

Imbucati di Sky arte HD – Meeting Toyo Ito

As an SkyArte unofficial reporter #imbucatoSkyArte (Sky arte HD) I managed to ask a few questions to Toyo Ito. For those who do not know Ito, he is a world-renowned architect, he won the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012 and was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize (the Nobel Prize for architecture in 2013).

Toyo Ito is the rock star of architecture and design.

Thanks to being at the same wonderful event Lexus I could join the Master and, with the help of a talented interpreter, exchange a few words and make a couple of questions.

Toyo Ito was really very willing and witty in response, he explained to me that in his installation for Lexus we cound’t see their car because in that way people ask themself some questions and feel some emotions. When young japanese people buy a car, he said, they don’t pay much attention to the shape, but they are attracted by the technological concept intead.

Then we entered the realm of the history of architecture, analyzing, in a quick bird’s eye view, the figure of the man in the architectural design of the last 100 years.
It is not common knowledge that during early ‘900 Le Corbusier revolutionized the design of buildings requiring human measures as a measure to build the city. According to Ito architectural philosophy of our day relativizes man and places him into a natural process, as an evident result also buildings and cities must be sustainable and a man is just one of the many natural elements that form our universe.

After thanking him for giving me so much time, I gave him a classic souvenir from Venice bought a few days ago in a stall.

Toyo Ito