Tiles, what’s new in 2012

It’s July, it’s very hot and now those floors made ​​of stoneware tiles are pleasantly cool as well as easy to clean nd resistant to moisture and abrasion.

During last year the tiles technology has radically changed: digital tools have made ​​it possible to “print” the decorations before baking, allowing us to virtually obtain an infinite variety of models.

Let’s analyze the new trends on tiles.

Tiles imitating wood

They are very popular in Italy. A high number of tile manufacturers re now producing tiles that are indistinguishable from wood. The great thing about these products is that to the naked eye they appear to be cozy, rustic, worn out wood, but they keep all the practical aspects of ceramic tiles. Obviously this kind of tiles can be placed just like a wooden floor.

Vintage decorations.

We can see this trend everywhere. Decorations of this kind are common in older homes in Italy, Cuba, and South America, and now they0re being reproduced in a modern context. The models are often very graphic, with a ’60s atmosphere.


Unusual shapes and finishings

This year, more than ever, the tiles have taken all kinds of forms: hexagonal, triangular or pentagonal. They may appear as wood wallpaper, s metal and also as a sheet of crumpled paper as in the version by Mutina (which I love).



The mosaic tiles were the rage a few years ago.

Now the trend is the innovative king-size.

There are 100×300 cm big slabs on the market, with different colors and surface finishes.

We can say that they are a viable alternative to resin, as they are laid with joints of at least 2 mm grouted in tone and, therefore, invisible.