Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

I tappeti per la casa in Italia sono leggermente in disuso, se ne vendono sempre pochi e quei pochi sono quasi sempre patetiche imitazioni o rielaborazioni degli antichi tappeti persiani.

Quando un settore dell’arredo per la casa entra in crisi succede sempre qualcosa di particolare, come in questo caso, i designer e i produttori reagiscono con una creatività estrema e, a volte, innovativa.

Alexandra Kehayoglou è un artista argentino che usa avanzi della azienda di famiglia, una fabbrica di tappeti a Buenos Aires, per costruire le sue creazioni in lana.

Il suo uso di materiali imita texture naturali di muschio naturale, acqua, alberi e ghiaccio, fornendo le funzioni di un tappeto tradizionale con uno strato di talento artistico tramite scenario memoria evocando, spesso creazioni che avvolgono verticalmente per diventare tappezzerie.

How to change our pavement in just one day/2

I started to write here. how to change the look of our house in less than a day using laminate flooring.

Now let’s try to understand how to choose the right product for us.

Regulations divide the laminate flooring not by appearance but by the technical characteristics.
It is normal to have floors looking the same, but with completely different characteristics and, consequently, different prices.

The main thing to consider is the AR class (Abrasion Resistance class) with a value ranging from 3 (low) to 6 (strong)
For our house we need a 3 AR and, if a harder material is wanted, we can increase the class without problems.

The second element to consider is the IC impact resistance, this value ranges from 2 (weak) and 4 (strong).
The higher this number is, the better the floor will resist the loss of the pots or dishes that we will launch our companion.

Another element to take into account is the electrostatic behavior, being a predominantly plastic material it must be static treated, otherwise we will make sparks while walking.

The bulge in thickness as the floor is in contact with liquids must have an average value of 6% ​​/ 8%

Besides the above there are a few other parameters such as resistance to cigarette burns, stain resistance, fire resistance, UV resistance, etc., but I think they are secondary, as they are guaranteed in all products for sale and have no affect the final price.

It’s very important to consider that usually AR3 class floors (those commonly used in houses) shall have an expansion joint every 7.00 ml.

In this way you can avoid the excessive expansion of the floor and possible bulges in case of very humid environments.
Using AR6 class floors we don’t need to use expansion joints.

Lastly, remember that in the laminate flooring a 2 mm thickness pad s required ( that insulates a lot the in-floor heating), all doors must be cut approximately 1 cm, and you have to put special attention to the security door.

Once technical specifications and most suitable choices are evaluated, we can focus on the appearance of the floor.

If you have questions , please comment.

How to change our pavement in just one day

If you have a couple of days off and you want to renew the look of your house, know that you can do it.
There is a “light” renovation work that allows, with little expense and labor, to change almost the entire look of our homes.
Changing the floor means to give a new look and also new suggestions to us and our future guests, and to do it the secret word is “laminate”.
Laminate wood is a composite material mainly artificial, in short, is composed of two main parts: the first is the support that can be made in MDF (Medium-density fibreboard (Medium density fiber board) or HDF (High-density fiber board). The second part is more superficial and the image of wood, stone (or more) it is reproduced on it.

The laminate that I mostly use is an imitation of wood,
Its slats are 19x120x0,8 cm size, they intertwine with just one click, as if they were buttons, it’s cheap and easy to install.

Placing it is easy


The initial procedure includes the placement of a sheath of polyethylene foam as a protection from cold and moisture that can come from the substrate.


This kind of installation is called “floating” this means that all prefinished elements are stuck to each other by means of a male / female joint, thus simplifying the laying operations.


No more discomfort caused by the installation of traditional wooden floors!
Plank after plank you’ll see how a new attractive and durable surfacecoming to life.

And here’s your floor!

Your new floor is complete with all accessories you may need to decorate the room, and you’ll find them coordinated by essence and color range: stairs, baseboards and corners that can complete your decor.

Enjoy your new floor!

Your new floor comes to life right before your eyes: elegant and strong, so fast that it leaves you amazed. A new floor that can be enjoyed immediately, without any boring waits.

Now that we know how to change our floor in a day, it is necessary to understand which kind of laminate to choose.

See you in the next post 🙂