Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

Tappeti per la casa particolari 3D

I tappeti per la casa in Italia sono leggermente in disuso, se ne vendono sempre pochi e quei pochi sono quasi sempre patetiche imitazioni o rielaborazioni degli antichi tappeti persiani.

Quando un settore dell’arredo per la casa entra in crisi succede sempre qualcosa di particolare, come in questo caso, i designer e i produttori reagiscono con una creatività estrema e, a volte, innovativa.

Alexandra Kehayoglou è un artista argentino che usa avanzi della azienda di famiglia, una fabbrica di tappeti a Buenos Aires, per costruire le sue creazioni in lana.

Il suo uso di materiali imita texture naturali di muschio naturale, acqua, alberi e ghiaccio, fornendo le funzioni di un tappeto tradizionale con uno strato di talento artistico tramite scenario memoria evocando, spesso creazioni che avvolgono verticalmente per diventare tappezzerie.

Choosing a bookcase

Choosing a bookcase

The Hole In The Floor bookcase is a creative and unusual bookcase; its by Raw Edges Design Studio.

Equilibrium Bookcase : Creation of Malagana Design, it is called Equilibrium Bookcase; all modules are placed upon each other at an angled point.

Triangular Bookcase : Fitting’s Triangular bookcase comes with ‘linking system’ that enables you to place a few together to be fixed to your wall. The modular design enables an infinite variety of assembly solutions.

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Extreme Cribs

Extreme Cribs

Despite being an old man last night I watched “Extreme Cribs” on MTV.
Those houses were really crazy: there was one built on the trees in Hawaii, another one made in the shape of a shoe, an abandoned missile silo, up to floating plastic bottle island home.
Immediately I came back to mind the one I visited in Cotswolds in the UK. I did a quick search and discovered that it was sold for 7.2 million pounds, nearly 9 million euro.
Definitely a lot of money for a house in the countryside  and this does nothing but confirm it as my personal “extreme crib”.

Our balcony is a privileged place

Our balcony is a privileged place

Most of us have a balcony or terrace in our homes. These spaces are small, monotonous, they often ere occupied by a converter of air conditioning, a cat litter and, in worst cases, separate garbage bags.

Our balcony is a privileged place, a place of “being” but it’s often used just as a warehouse, instead,

There are some small steps that allow all us to make our balconies more livable, and far more pleasant.

The first step is to use cheap wooden square tiles to cover the sad tiles of the terrace.
You can choose different wood species, from Burmese Teak to Suriname massaranduba.

Balconies often have a small size and to add plants means losing valuable square centimeters.

Fortunately, there are classic flower boxes that hang on the railing, but also less traditional more fun solutions like the project of this planter that comes directly from the Monorail Cat.

When our balconies are small it is useless to try to put a table and some chairs in it, it would be better to opt for a bench, that takes up less space and allows more people to sit.

Here is a small example of how it could become a balcony following these three simple rules:
Wood on the floor
Hanging planters

The last detail that should not be overlooked is the light.
Usually our balconies have a light above the door window and to throw it away is the first thing to do.

The lights to be used should be delicate, with soft tones and specifically made ​​for outdoor use.

Lighting should be distributed all over the balcony, because it is not very bright and in small quantities would not be effective.

The light points can be inserted into the furnishing, in the railing for example, they can be camouflaged in some special translucent plastic pots or they can be highlighted as elements included in the balcony in a seemingly random way.

However the most important thing for us is to remember to use our balconies, to go out and live up this beautiful space that allows us to get in touch with the rest of the city without leaving our shelter home.