Rustico recuperato

Rustico recuperato

In its latest report ‘Eurispes said that in Italy 8 meter of our soil are cementified each second. It’s as impressive as that: While you were reading these words 64 square meters of Italy have been cemented.

That numbers belong to a twentieth century logic, when the gain was proportional to the cubic feet of buildings and infrastructure made​​. That’s why the recovery and restructuring interventions are the most precious and delicate ones, and this work by the architects Giorgio Balestra and Silvia Brocchini ( in Serra San Quirico (AN) is a beautiful example.

The property used to look like this:

It was nice to see the material of the study, with photographs and details of the solutions adopted for this intervention. Any restoration is a special case, with unique problems to be solved, where the difference is made by the experience of the designer and the Contractor.
The final outcome of the operation is clearly visible in this second gallery.

In this context, the tub made by Piscine Castiglione, fits perfectly. It covers a 36 square meters area and has an elongated rectangular profile, it seems to be trying to reach out to the horizon on one side and go inside the building on the other.

The tub was made of sandstone, like the rest of the house and outdoor spaces (it was the typical material of the area, used to built houses before the arrival of concrete) and recalls the rich presence of water, which is clearly discernible thanks to the flow of the many streams in the area.